Nov 28, 2007

Cairo Impressions

Hope you have your shopping and decorating done....I don't. I'm taking it easy this season...maybe it'll all get done...maybe not. I need some motivation here.

Here's the latest painting. My daughter Kacey wanted me to do a monochrome street scene from Cairo. Let me know what you think!


Nov 13, 2007

Ball Family Memories

Walter & Addie Ball were the parents of 13 children in Limestone county Alabama. Probably due to the loss of their mother when the children were young and the strong Christian upbringing, the family was very close all through their lives. My childhood is full of memories of family reunions and gatherings where I came to know and love each of them. They're all gone now and hopefully together again. These are some beautiful memories of the love of this very special southern family. Be patient when you click on the arrow in the box below. It takes a few seconds to start and the screen will be black.



Nov 11, 2007

Having A Ball at the Ball Reunion

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