Aug 6, 2011

Whew! What a week! Politics, Politics, Politics!

   Wow, what a week here in D.C.  I was right up there in the middle of the vote on increasing the debt ceiling.  We were actually on the House Floor watching as the voting was going on right up until just a few minutes before Gabriel Giffords came in.  Unfortunately there was such a crowd we were ushered out just before that happened and I saw it on TV when I got home.  I was on "the hill" taking a seminar in "Congressional Operations" that I was very fortunate to get into.  It was a great 4 days finding out what really goes on in the halls of congress...and walking those halls and listening to Senate and House hearings.  
   One of the hearings I attended was on the severe drought that is happening in Africa.  39,000 have died in the past 90 days due to starvation, disease, and extreme conditions as they are refugees fleeing from the fighting in Somalia.  The drought has come on top of the terrible conditions with the conflict there.  They told of one woman who had carried her child on her back for 9 days with no food to speak of.  Our burdens here are so light in comparison to this and many other areas of the world. Even here in our own country there are so many suffering.  
   Another hearing I listened to, again about Africa, was a doctor who had been working at a clinic there and has developed a new method of treating hydrosephalic babies.  The incidence of this in Africa is much greater than in the U.S. and there are only about 4 neurosurgeons to handle all of the cases.  Many more deaths are happening due to this problem.  Our leaders have difficult jobs.  I know we're all cynical but we need to choose wisely who we vote for and look out for the good of everyone, not just our own interests.
   Meanwhile, every day this week I listened to the Daily Audio Bible on my I-phone and guess where they are broadcasting from?  Africa.  I believe there's a reason God is opening my eyes to all these things.  I met someone in the seminar from JSC (Houston) who has been working with a group in Africa and they've dug a well in the community.  I may have to get involved. Maybe you should too.
   In addition to all that I sold my original of my "Ready to Ride" painting this week. Cool!  Prints are available on my FineArtAmerica site if you're interested. I've spent 26 years of my career with the shuttle program.  We will definitely want to remember this era so this is one that I hope folks will want to have.  
The funny thing was, I had to have it shipped from Alabama to Alexandria which is just down the road from where I'm living in Arlington.  Not sure how the buyer found my site but it was a birthday gift for her husband.  Thanks to my friend Rhonda for handling that shipping for me.
   Hope you're doing well and, if you're back home, I hope you have power and no damage!  Bad storms in Alabama AGAIN!  What's up wi dat!
...and btw...GO JUNO to Jupiter!  Nice launch today.

Take care!

Jun 28, 2011

Where Does Time Go?

I can't believe it's almost the end of June and time for the fireworks of the Fourth!  We've been so busy since about mid-April there has not been time to look up.  We've moved to D.C. for a year and it's just now beginning to kind of feel like home.  We've been home to Alabama twice on whirlwind trips and, though I miss friends and family, I'm adjusting to life here.  It's good to be off the road and home to "Home 2" since we've been on the road for 10 days with my job and for a quick trip home.  I haven't touched a paint brush in months but plan to start doing a little painting here soon.  I'll post when I can.  Meanwhile, enjoy the 4th! Also, check out this blog that I just ran across...  Fiona and Twig stuff.

Mar 13, 2011

Lady Di...Oil on Canvas 18" x 22"

What a beauty she was.  Tragedy that we lost her.  With the royal wedding coming up I thought of her and wanted to add her to my portfolio.  Prints available on under my site shortly.