Nov 29, 2009

Great Time at the Red Caboose last night!

Thanks so much to all of the wonderful friends and family who came out to the Red Caboose last night in Elkmont to hear us.  Special thanks to our guest, Adam Henly who added some great saxophone to some of our songs including our original "It's Just Not Christmas". That one is slowly but surely becoming a classic Christmas song...what all writers hope for!  It's been recorded by Ronnie Milsap, Kenny Rogers, Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell (I even got to sing on that one!) and, most recently Bonnie Bramblett. Oh and yes, we did get to hear it on Muzak in an, we're very thankful  for the success of that song and for our opportunity to work with Johnny Sandlin who produced the Allman Brothers back in their heyday among a host of others.  "It's Just Not Christmas" was co-written with Johnny's wife, Ann Sandlin and Debbie Cochran. 

Join us again on December 19th!  Gary Compton at The Red Caboose says he's getting lots of calls already on that show so call soon for reservations @ (256)306-6201 or e-mail

See you then! 

And btw.... Take the time to enjoy all your blessings right now, and if you're spinning too fast, Slow Down!


Nov 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  I'm so thankful for SO many things that I've been blessed with in my life, my family, a beautiful daughter, a husband who is there for me, my brothers, my church family, my work family, my music families and so many wonderful friends who are there for the good times and the tough times.  God has blessed me beyond all my expectations.  I pray for those in my world who are struggling through various things right now, illness, marital problems, loved ones overseas, loss of jobs and other things that I may not even be aware of.  May we all remember all the ways in which we have been blessed today and enjoy special moments with those we love.


Nov 20, 2009

Register for "Coffee, Tea & Paint Therapy"

Register at the top right of my blog and we'll paint this scene in our January 9th "Coffee, Tea and Paint Therapy session. Every second Saturday of the month!