Jun 30, 2007

More Birthday Fun

Last night continued my birthday celebration with MORE FOOD...I went with my sweet friend Jennifer to Mikado to celebrate both my birthday...this is the first time we had a chance to get together...and her daughter, Britney's birthday. I haven't been to Mikado in years and it was lots of fun, especially the onion volcano! Now I'm in the mood to pull out the old wok.
I'm reading a great book about our town right now called F5 by Mark Levine. Bill couldn't put it down and convinced me that I needed to read it too. It's about the 1974 outbreak of tornadoes. It's beautifully written and not only is it a vivid reminder of those terrible tornadoes and their destruction, but it's about everything that was going on in our country at that time and the attitude and mood of the country. Bill was able to get an autographed copy and attended a session last night with the author at Athens State University. ...of course, I was at Mikado doing more celebrating! Check out the book! Many Athens people were interviewed and it is a great description of Athens in those days.


Jun 20, 2007

Saweet Birthday!

Today was my special day of the year and all day I've basked in the glow of warmth from all of my cherished friends. My sweet husband called from Philadelphia first thing to sing Happy Birthday with Harley, the grandchild of our friends Mike and Marge McGlinchey. Then it was on to work to find cards stuffed under my door and a phone message from Peggy Sue and sweet San, and call from de'Shawn inviting me to lunch next week. Jennifer had already called and invited me to dinner one night, Robye called for lunch too, then lunch today with my dear friends who I've worked with for years at NASA... Diane, Pam, Connie, and Adonna (we missed Christine!). After work Whit and I shopped for a bit, Kacey called from Egypt (to bad... the phone dying in the middle of that conversation), then fun with my "Sister Grace" sisters tonight. We had a little fashion party, dinner, gifts, singing, dancing, etc. I even got a card from Barry and Margie and e-cards from Kacey, Carole, and Marcia! Also, some great news that my brother Glen is responding very well to his chemo...no signs of tumors where they had seen them a few weeks ago!! Praise God ...prayer does work! I'm so blessed with wonderful friends and family. Thank you Lord for every one of them and the special joys they bring to my life. Here's some pics from my special day. (To download you can right click and copy to your desktop). I'm feeling good about 51!!

Jun 17, 2007

Our Baby's in Egypt!!

We are so blessed with our daughter Kacey and, of course, are proud parents. She has been in Cairo for 2 weeks and will be there for another 4 weeks. She's studying at the American University of Cairo for her study abroad term this summer. She attends Birmingham Southern College and is majoring in International Studies. Check out the link (see the links to the right) to her blog that she's updating daily while she's there. We will be going there to visit her in a few weeks. Can't wait! Keep blogging Kace! We miss you here in Alabama!


Jun 16, 2007

Back At Duck Tape

Today I had a great day in Duck Tape studio with my sisters from our group "Sister Grace". We're almost done with our CD and I'm so excited that one day soon we will have it all packaged and ready to go. I'm so thankful for my group and the opportunity to do this. Love my sisters! My birthday present was a NEW CAMERA!!!!...(re: the post below where I lost my old one about 6 months ago on our kyak trip). I'm hoping to keep everyone up to date with our adventures now that I finally have a camera again. Be sure to sign up using the icon in the top right and get an e-mail when there's a new post.
Happy Father's Day to all the guys!


We went to Birmingham last night to see Bruce Cockburn and Ricky Lee Jones at the City Stages festival. Sorry Ricky Lee, you just didn't make the cut for me BUT Bruce Cockburn is a brilliant writer and genious guitarist. I've never seen better. Bill's been loving his work for years and now I understand. You have to see him by himself with his guitar. He can make it sound like there are at least 3 people playing. I thoroughly enjoyed that. I also got to know Mark Hamilton and his sweet wife Elizabeth and their two children, Sara Beth and Tanner. They had made dinner and invited us to join them when we stopped by their house on the way to City Stages. Mark was the lead singer for a band called "50 Pound Head" back a few years ago and recorded with Johnny Sandlin at Duck Tape where "Sister Grace" is recording now. I got to hear some tracks from their CD and he has a great voice! Here's a pic of he and Bill as we were hanging out at the VIP area.

More later!

New Camera! Finally!

Yea!!!! Happy Birthday to me. I'm ready to roll again!