Feb 6, 2007

In the studio tomorrow!

SISTER GRACE (check out our blog at www.sistergrace.blogspot.com) will be recording with some of those famous musicians from Muscle Shoals at Ducktape Studio in Decatur, AL with Johnny Sandlin producing. (Check out Johnny's bio @ http://www.johnnysandlin.com ) ....We start laying down rhythm tracks on four original songs tomorrow! We decided to jump off this cliff and see how it goes...faith! It's going to be fun! More later 'bout that! Our first 4 songs are "Love Flows Free", "All Day", "Home Again", and "Your Love Never Fails". I'll keep you posted!

Feb 2, 2007

Sunset at St. George Island

This is a beautiful sunset we caught at St. George Island on our first Kayak adventure at the end of last summer. We tried a two person boat and decided we'd get two next time...of course I was just learning but we tended to row in opposite directions. We got pretty good at it eventually after spinning a few times. Ha! It was kindof cozy though...and Bill could row while I took pictures. I wouldn't advise taking a camera on these little excursions however...see my previous post ...I'm still mourning the loss of my camera. I'll get one soon!

Feb 1, 2007

The family farm...

Since I don't have a camera to take some wonderful snow pictures this morning...I strolled through my picture folder to see what struck a chord. Yep, this one did it. This is the farm where I grew up and I'm sad to say it's for sale. It could be a beautiful place for an auditorium and gardens for Athens. I've shared this idea with a few people and am dreaming that someone will agree. I sure do hate to see it end up as a subdivision....oh well, one can dream!