Mar 31, 2012

Daniel Pollera and a Great dentist in Fairfax VA!

You never know when something sweet is going to happen.

I went to the dentist here in DC recently...a new dentist, Dr. Mary Stuart Gallian in Fairfax, VA, who was recommended by my dentist in Alabama, Dr. Jeremiah Harris.  Dr. Gallian had a print of a beautiful painting by Daniel Pollera on the wall in the room where I was "worked on".  I absolutely fell in love with it.  It's called "Snug Harbor".  Before I left her office I went on and on about how it looked like exactly where I want to retire.  He captured such a mood in his meticulous oil rendering.  I even went back and took a snapshot with my I-phone of the print which was beautifully matted and framed.  I went back for my "permanent crown" a few weeks later and the framed print was sitting in the front office with my name on it!  The dentist had been given some new art work by her husband and had to hang it somewhere.  She thought of how much I loved the print and GAVE it to me!  It's now in my temporary apartment here in DC and will go with me back to my home in Alabama at the end of this month.  It's something I will always treasure. 

I guess I was a little carried away with the it when that happens!  I want to paint more paintings that carry you away!

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