Dec 28, 2007

Artistic Domesticity

I'm so excited with my new French Easel...I guess that was a Christmas present to myself. Found a good bargain yesterday at Alabama Art Supply. Had to have it. I tried it out in the kitchen today as I was trying out a Gumbo recipe I got from my Sister Grace Sister, Carole Foret. She's always inspiring me. This time it was her mother's recipe and she made this cute little book using IPhoto on the mac where she documented making the Roux (pronounced Roo) with her mother and her sisters. Now wasn't that a neat idea! I guess that will be my next project...been wanting to write a book! Anyway, here's some photo's from my day in the kitchen being domestic and artistic. Good combination!

6"x6" Canvas board $30 plus $5 shipping

Dec 26, 2007

Tabby Painting

Here's the latest. Shot this photo of my brother's cat sitting in the window a few months ago and loved the way the light hit him.

8x10 oil on canvas board $30 plus $5 Shipping

Dec 25, 2007

Divine Nobodies - Great book!

If you have to do something earthshaking in life to gain God's approval or be somebody famous, why would Jesus have been born in a manger? Why would the most profound miracles that we experience be those that pop up in normal every day life through the loving acts of strangers we meet every day? These are the kinds of questions posed by Jim Palmer in his book "Divine Nobodies" that was a gift to me from my sweet niece, Marla Delong of Knoxville. Jim found, on his spiritual journey, that he was putting so much energy into trying to do something great to please God (and others), he was missing the whole point of letting the Spirit live in his heart everyday and guide his actions. You have to read the book, he says it so much better than I can! It was so perfect for a Christmas read!


Dec 21, 2007

Watch the sky on Christmas Eve!!

My friend Dauna is quite a writer in my humble opinion! She supports our Science and Mission Systems Office as a writer (same office I support as a Program Specialist/Lead Admin Officer) and is also a fellow songwriter. She works right down the hall from me and is a really neat person. I'm so impressed with her writing. She makes science interesting, understandable (for us non-engineers) and fun. Please take a few minutes to read about the beautiful sky we will be blessed with on Christmas Eve. Get out your telescope! You may just see Santa while you're at it (wink)!

Dec 18, 2007

Fun With The Valley Cats

Last weekend our band, the Valley Cats, played for a company Christmas party for ICC (International Code Council)in Birmingham at the Grayson Valley Country club. We had a great time, great food, great new friends. Special thanks to KAREN NORTHY for the booking through our Gigmasters site. Here's a little video I put together from some clips that they were kind enough to take for us while we were playing. (My little Canon camera does a great job! I take it everywhere I go. )

Karen was very happy with our performance and wrote some wonderful comments for our site. Thanks Karen and ICC for the gracious hospitality and your kind words! It was a joy to meet you.

Never mind my 22 yr old daughter thought this video was from the 70's. The sleeves are a bit much I admit. Need some fashion somebody! The guys look sharp in their new shirts though, don't you think?

Dec 13, 2007

Mama G

Meez 3D avatar avatars games
Well, yes, I'm this skinny in my dreams...I don't know what happens to those digital pictures, they make me look so much bigger. My nickname in the Sister Grace group is "Mama Grace"...thus the Mama G that I cooked up at above.

Fun fun, you should try it. You create your own little characters and dress them. I'm going to play with this more when there's more TIME! Oh yeah, and btw, she's singing our original Christmas song that goes:

The reason for the season is that love came down
A savior sent to save us from ourselves
It's so easy to forget what the season's all about
When your mind's on everything else

Slow down, hear the church bells ring
Slow down, hear the children sing
Take the time to enjoy all your blessings right now
And if you're spinning too fast
Slow down

You started in September and your're still not done
The shopping and the baking and the cards
While you polish every spoon
Decorate every room
Don't forget to think about that star (and)

Repeat Chorus

There's no way to give enough to match what God has given you
And no one else is gonna miss all those things you meant to do (so)

Repeat Chorus

Copyright 2006
Tina Murrah Swindell
Whitney Hubbs

Merry Christmas below to see the Swindell's in action!

Couldn't help myself this little thing is so cute...

Dec 2, 2007

It's My Baby's Birthday!!!!

Ok, I've got a wedding at 4:00 it's 1 o'clock now and there's Christmas decorations laying everywhere in hopes of bedazzling the Swindell home. Maybe it'll happen soon! I was out until 1:00 a.m. the last two nights singing to strangers and I'm just about pooped, but, what am I doing? Taking a trip down memory lane. I started looking for a birthday picture to post and really embarrass my sweet 22 year old daughter and ended up spending 2 hours going through old pictures....seems like yesterday. I'm so proud of my baby who's grown into a wonderful, thoughtful, creative, smart and wise young woman. Here's some birthdays from the past that I discovered on my little trip this morning.....oh, well I stuck a couple in that weren't actually birthday but I couldn't resist. Happy Birthday Babydoll!!!!!!!!!!!! You are SOOOOOOOOOOO loved! Mom