Apr 14, 2008

Roxanne - A Fine Life - Bree's Bedroom - You tell me!

Lots of things have gone on since I started this painting a couple of weeks ago.  As some of you know I just lost my sweet brother Glen who has fought cancer for over 10 years.  I will miss him so.  It was really hard seeing him suffer.  I'm glad he's at peace now. We buried him on Tuesday of last week.  Over the weekend I've been nursing a stray cat who tried to have babies but was just too young I guess.  She had surgery tonight and we're hoping she will live though her kittens didn't. We're not sure she will make it at this point. Life brings many trials sometimes.  You just have to keep kicking and find joy where ever you can.  Through it all I keep going back to the canvas.  Somehow there's peace there for me.  This painting is for my friend Bree's bedroom in the new house she just built.  Can't decide what to call it.  What do you think?  (24" x 36" acrylic on canvas)