Apr 18, 2010

Next Saturday - Paint with me!

Yes it's beautiful outside today!  I'm going to get out and plant some seeds, plant some impatiens in my shady backyard, worship God and his magnificent creation, open the windows and let the crisp Spring air flow through the house, celebrate a birthday and take a rest from the rest of life.  All the while I'll be looking forward to next Saturday morning's "Coffee, Tea, and Painting Therapy" session which will be at the home of Cindy Griswald - address is 17567 Martin Dr., in Vestavia subdivision.  Take 72 W and turn left on Lucas Ferry Rd., take the first street on the right (Jeffrey St.), keep going until you see Martin Dr. on your right, go through the 2 way stop and Cindy's house is the first house on the right facing Martin Dr.  The house number is on the mailbox.   Can't wait to see her home and enjoy some food, friends and painting this landscape scene which was furnished by Anna Tominack.  Take a 4 hour break from your Spring chores and join us to enjoy learning something new! All supplies are furnished and it's only $45 per person.  All you need to do is sign up using Paypal over to the right on this blog or e-mail me at TinaS@pclnet.net.  There are spaces available so sign up today!

Apr 17, 2010

On Writing....

In 2007 I jumped off a cliff and decided to do a CD of some original songs.  Along came Sister Grace and a flurry of exciting things for us.  We've been sort of on stand by due to some events in our lives and I'm missing those days.  I'm wanting to dig out my guitar and get off on a tree stump somewhere and  howl!  I was reading a blog by Sara Beth Fair earlier this morning and was so inspired.  She's not only a gifted artist but an excellent and inspired writer.  It made me think of the time that I was heavily into writing for our CD and how close I felt to God during those days.  Some of the words that came were definitely gifts from Him and I felt inspired this morning to post this one...  thanks to my dear friend Whit who helped me bring this one to life, we need to do some more writing...
I Keep Calling Out Your Name 
Hello it's me again
I hope you’re listening today 
I've tried to talk to you before and you've ignored me
But I keep coming back anyway 
Seems like I would give up
But I'm you’re God and I am offering my love

I keep calling out your name
In your joy and in your pain 
All I ask is that you call back to me

I’ve always been your friend
I know the treasures in your heart
The stories gathered there 
And I've prepared some things 
That you've not seen so far 
Walk with me and believe 
And we’ll solve some mysteries
You know I am the source

I keep calling out your name
In your joy and in your pain 
All I ask is that you call back to me

I see you try and make it on your own
Saying you don’t need Me
But wouldn’t you feel better in My arms 
All it takes is you believing 

I keep calling out your name
In your joy and in your pain 
All I ask is that you call back to me

Tina Murrah Swindell Whitney Hubbs ©3/07

Apr 9, 2010

Lexi - Mom cried

At last I finished the big oil portrait I've been working on for a couple of months.  It's 30" x 36" oil on canvas.  I was working from a low resolution digital picture which made it very difficult to see the details.  That's ok, I just used a little artistic freedom!  I received a note from the person who commissioned the painting for his wife....she had tears, which he said was very unusual for her.  I was so thrilled that she loved the painting!  I believe she actually took the photo of Lexi on the beach and I was struck by the colors in the dress as well as the seagull and his shadow...not to mention the water.  Such a joy to paint. 
Looking forward to the next "Coffee, Tea, and Painting Therapy" session on April 24th.  Still looking for what I want us to paint.  Any ideas?

Apr 1, 2010

Save the date! The Valley Cats will be at Panoply Sunday, April 25th 2:45

Hope to see you in Huntsville on April 25th.  Our band will be performing on Sunday afternoon at 2:45, April 25th.  Hopefully it will be a great time to get out and enjoy some fine art, food and music.  Mark your calendars!