Sep 16, 2010

The Rickles Family

At long last I have just delivered the mega painting I've been working on for about 4 months now. The Rickles family, one of the best looking families you'll see. This was a gift to my sweet friend Peggy who worked with me for 12 years and was my right hand. She has been a huge influence in my life as one of the sweetest and most loving Christian women I've ever met. She has made coconut or strawberry cakes for me for every birthday and Christmas for the last 15 or so years and has been there for every sad or happy milestone in my life. I'm forever indebted to her for blessing my life. I know she was Heaven sent. This painting is to go over her mantle in her beautiful new home and is 45 1/2" wide x 34 1/2 high". I was so tickled that the colors blended beautifully with her room and that she was so happy with it. She's the little lady in the center. What a great mother and grandmother for her children and grandchildren. What a joy to be able to do this for her.

Sep 9, 2010

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