Mar 9, 2008

KC Meets the Gov

See that little Chickadee on the back row just to the right of the governor? That's my little Leadership & International Studies major, Kacey Rebecca Swindell pursuing her political career. She organized the first ever student delegation from Birmingham Southern and they just trekked on down to meet the Governor recently and have a gathering in Montgomery with delegations from some other Alabama colleges. I hear there were some competitions...they won them all! Nah, me proud! Nah. : ) Ain't she somethin! Yeah, dat's my girl!

Mar 4, 2008

Never A Dull Moment!

Check out the big time we had at the Roller Derby with the offspring! Yeah, we're up for just about anything I guess. Now we talkin' attitude honey! Dees girls mean biness! Kacey had been once before and thought Bill and I and a couple of friends should experience this little nitch of life. Ok, I've been there and done that....very some colorful pics...