Oct 28, 2013

Link now available for purchasing "Sing Along Songs" (for Pre-Schoolers)

Some of you may have seen a story recently about our latest creative happening...
News Courier Article.  We're really happy to get this little item off our "bucket list" and give Mr. Roddie Lott credit long overdue on some fine art work and share our little "Sing Along Songs" with some pre-schoolers.  As you can read in the article that Karen Middleton so graciously penned, this project has been a LONG time in the making.  She did a great job writing about it so I won't bore you with more detail.  Just wanted to let everybody know that the book/cd's are now available by clicking the "Buy Now" link located in the column to the right on this blog. (No the red and green highlights were an accident, not to discreetly remind you that this would be a great Christmas gift for the Grandchildren/nieces/nephews : ) LOL....and yes, I did see a lit Christmas tree on my way home from Sister Grace rehearsal tonight...can you believe that!  Let's do HALLOWEEN first, please!

Also note that we ran out but have now printed more Sister Grace CD's and they too can be purchased by clicking on the CD image to the right.

Books and CD's are also available at Pablos and Champagne Lane Antiques in Athens. 

Just one photo from fun times at the Fiddlers Convention...whew, that was intense...and it's almost been a month!  We saw everyone we've ever known from these parts I think!   Kudos to everyone involved in organizing that event for our town every year!

I want to thank everyone for being so supportive in all these endeavors.,, and  don't think that Mr. Bill Swindell is not involved in these projects.  Who do you think is keeping me in gear! : )

Love to all!


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